Best Flooring for Dogs

Choosing the best flooring for dogs is a decision that needs to take into account a couple of variables. And yes it probably is going to somewhat restrict your choice of flooring.
Dogs have claws, have the potential for bathroom accidents and can cause unpleasant odors in your house. If you don’t choose the right type of flooring these doggy factors are going to wreak havoc on your floors.

Harwood Flooring

Unfortunately for those that love their hardwood floors, this type of flooring and your dog do not mix. Your dog’s claws, no matter how well trimmed, will eventually leave your hardwood floors scratched and dented.
Also if there happen to be any bathroom accidents a dog’s urine can cause staining on hardwood floors. Regrettably, hardwood floors are not a good option for those with dogs.

Laminate Flooring

If you still want that wood look but also want the floor to be dog resistant then laminate flooring might be the way to go. Laminate flooring’s protective layer does a good job at being scratch resistant against light scratching, like that which would come from your dog’s claws.
They are also moisture and stain resistant, meaning that any accidents won’t cause damage and will be easy to clean up.
It is also easy to repair and sections can be repaired or replaced separately so if damage is caused it is easy and affordable to fix.

Vinyl Flooring

Like laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is scratch, stain and moisture resistant, meaning that it will do a good job to accommodate your dog.
It also has the same easy to replace and repair qualities as laminate flooring.

Stone & Ceramic Tile Flooring

Stone and ceramic tile flooring are hard and durable options and won’t scratch easily and any scratching that does occur won’t be noticeable. If there are any accidents these are easy to clean up and won’t leave any damage or stains.
Unfortunately stone & ceramic tiles, whilst great in your bathroom, kitchen and other areas of your house, aren’t the ideal choice for your living areas or bedrooms.


A dog is likely to cause damage to carpets fairly quickly. This and the fact that any doggy bathroom accidents will leave a tricky clean up job, and potentially nasty odors, don’t make carpets a great option for homes with dogs.
Plus, odors in general from your dog lying in the carpet may become unpleasant for visitors (you might be used to it but your visitors can smell it!)
If you really have to go with carpets try to find the odor resistant varieties and carpets without loops that your dogs claws can get stuck in.
At LLB Flooring we have a large variety of affordable flooring options that will work well for dog owners. Contact us today to discuss your options further.