Cost Effective Laminate Flooring for Residential and Commercial Uses

Originally invented in Europe due to their renting customs, Laminate Flooring is made to be installed easily, and in most cases, taken up and installed again in another area if need be. This resilient surface revolutionized the flooring industry with its ability to hold up to the everyday abuses of life, kids, pets, and can even be used in commercial settings. Laminate Flooring is built to last!

Laminate Flooring construction consists of a core made of fine grain wood particles bonded by various resin compounds, with a “laminated” wear layer designed in an almost unlimited amount of styles. The core is “milled” into a locking system that is usually proprietary to its manufacturer. Most laminate flooring ranges anywhere from 5mm to 15mm in thickness.

There are hundreds of different styles of laminate flooring due to the ease of manufacturing. There are almost no limitations on the species, color, texture, finish, or gloss unlike natural wood products. With the lack of limitations, and the ease of manufacturing, comes a very competitive price point compared to the natural products.

As well as being a much more cost effective product, Laminate Flooring is more inexpensive to install due to ease of installation, and the fact that there are no messy glues or expensive fasteners. For this reason, it is also the number one flooring option for do-it-yourselfers.