Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floors

There are many benefits to using ceramic and many of these benefits make ceramic tile bathroom floors a great option. Ceramic tiles are made from clay which is superheated and this produces a material with a long list of benefits.

The Benefits of Ceramic Tile Floors

Durable: Ceramic tiles are incredibly tough so they will stand up to a lot of punishment. And if any cracks were to occur in a tile, it is a relatively simple process to replace that one tile and left the rest untouched.
Stain & Moisture resistance: Ceramic tiles for bathrooms are glazed which means they have a protective layer which protects them from moisture and stains. It is also naturally stable in high humidity. Ideal qualities for bathrooms
Fire resistant: They are fire resistant and don’t burn – and they don’t emit toxic fumes or smoke.
Easy to Maintain: Very easy to clean and maintain – always a bonus! Stains, dirt etc reside on the surface of the tiles (don’t soak in) meaning it’s easier to wipe them off.
Slip resistance: Ceramic tiles often have anti-slip methods applied to the surface -another great reason why they are well suited to bathrooms.
Allergies: Due to the hard surface of ceramics it does not harbour or attract dust or dander which makes it a great option for anyone with allergies.
Affordable: It is a nice low cost option when compared to the likes of natural tone tiles. And there still a large number of stylish design options.
Design Flexibility: There is a huge variety of patterns and colors to choose from. Not only that, you can choose from a large number of different sizes to find your preferred style.
Easy installation: Ceramic tiles are generally easy to install, making this a do it yourself option. And if you prefer to not do it yourself, it is quick and affordable to have professionally installed.

A Great Option for the Bathroom

As a choice for the bathroom ceramic tiles are a great option. As mentioned above they are stain and moisture resistant and are very stable in high humidity. They are also, durable, easy to clean can be made non-slip and are affordable.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Installation

At LLB Flooring we provide an excellent installation service at a very affordable price. If you are considering ceramic tiles for your bathroom contact us to discuss your options further or to receive a quote. We guarantee the lowest price around and stand by the quality of our work.