Flooring Options for Kitchens

Kitchen floors have a tough job. They need to be durable and strong to handle foot traffic and potential falling objects. They also need to be able to stand up to heat and moisture and have superior stain resistant qualities.
On top of all that they need to be stylish and pleasing on the eye. So what are the flooring options for kitchens that fit these tough criteria? There are many options that will do the job – some better than others but some that fit the budget better than others too.

Stone Tile Flooring

Properly sealed, stone tile flooring is an elegant and practical option for kitchen floors. Stone tiles are durable and withstand high traffic and will look amazing. They will also handle the moisture, stains etc well – the one downside is in order to ensure they continue to be good at this they need be resealed regularly.

Hardwood Flooring

Like stone tiles, hardwood floors are a great long lasting, durable and stylish option for your kitchen floor. When properly finished they are also a great option for stain resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance.
But should you choose solid hardwood or engineered hardwood? Solid hardwood is, as it sounds, natural wood all the way through. Engineered hardwood has a core of engineered wood (e.g. plywood) with a layer of the natural hardwood on top.
In the case of kitchen floors the engineered variety is actually the best way to go. This is because it is less prone to warping caused by changes in humidity and changes in temperature – which is, of course, going on a lot in kitchens.

Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for a softer and cheaper option then Vinyl flooring might suit your needs best. It is stain resistant and moisture resistant, easy to clean. It is also soft which means less chance of things breaking if you drop them!
Whilst not as stylish or as long lasting as the stone and wood options above it has its own benefits and might be the best option for your budget especially if you spend long amounts of time in the kitchen (this softer floor can be more forgiving underfoot).

Cork Flooring

Speaking of softer underfoot, cork flooring is just that. So it has the same benefits of soft floors as vinyl flooring. Also like vinyl flooring, it is a low cost choice and is naturally stain and moisture resistant.
In addition to this it is a great non slip surface and is environmentally sustainable. It will require resealing every few years to avoid moisture getting through the seams but this is still a great low cost option for your kitchen floors.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

If you like that tile look but want a cheaper option than stone then porcelain floors are the way to go. It is incredibly durable, stain and moisture resistant. It may not have quite the elegance of natural stone but it comes in a variety of styles and will still look great in your kitchen – and won’t set you back quite as much.
LLB Flooring has you covered for all of your kitchen flooring needs. We provide an excellent service at affordable prices. Contact us today to discuss your options in more detail or to arrange a quote.